Commercial Plumbing


Keenan Supply is people working…growing…succeeding in the fast changing world of wholesale distribution. Keenan Supply offers an unparalleled selection of products to service the plumbing, heating and air conditioning, industrial pipe-valves-fittings. We stock over 100,000 products from more than 500 suppliers nationwide, and have the resources available to locate hard to find specialty items quickly.

We’re committed to helping you help your customers. We have many convenient options for taking orders. Come in….call us…send a fax…or order online. We’ll pull everything together while you continue to focus on delivering high quality work. Then, come pick everything up or we’ll deliver it to you. Really, it’s that simple!

Contractors know they can rely on Keenan Supply’s technical expertise for complete, accurate, up-to-date information to make their work easier and more profitable. We have a highly diversified inventory to support all of our market segments. Beyond serving the customer’s needs with in-stock inventory, Keenan also proudly supports our Trade Associations and encourages the continuing education of our customers as well as our employees.

When it comes to commercial and mechanical jobs, no other wholesale supply house compares to our service and expertise. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently spec your job and provide you with spec sheets and submittals at a moment’s notice, giving you the edge over the competition. We maintain close relationships with all of our vendors, ensuring that you have information and support available to you when you need it the most.

Along with these products, we distinguish our service from the competition by making all commercial job submittals available electronically over the Internet by request, making your job proposal turn-around time quicker and easier. Just a simple link to your submittal, a quick .PDF download, and you get your submittals approved first and secure those big projects.